CBRE Data Centre SolutionsBrand Development

Written by:
George Sexton – Creative Lead

The brief we were tasked with was to create a visually engaging, multi-layered design concept that showcases CBRE Data Centre Solutions, and the levels in which it functions. Conveying the technological offering.

We wanted to challenge perceptions in the visual output of this brief, showing the complexity of the service offering through its simplistic representation.

The brand focusses on the basic premise that in its simplest form, a Data Centre is row upon row of boxes with flashing lights on the front, this is where our main visual came from and where we began to add the visual depth.

The idea being the flashing lights or dots in this case, overlaid what is in itself a complex and sophisticated set up.

The dark use of colours, offset with the subtle green lighting effects gave this a futuristic modern feel without pushing the style towards a more cliché feeling.

The typographical approach is very modular in its approach, with instances of the headings expand off the page when printed. This was to give the feeling of scaleability and not having a one size fits all approach.

"The brand visual conveys a deep understanding of the Data Centre offering"

"The blinking lights now have meaning and a life of their own"

We ensured that the creative concept had a distinctive feel but still kept within the guidelines of the corporate CBRE brand, using simplistic dark grey colours, a single green and B&W photography.

Included in the suite of material developed was a PowerPoint presentation template, a credentials pack and options for high-end printed brochures, way-finding and packaging solutions.

The inspiration from the repeating patterns, blinking lights and vent fans of the data centre servers holds across all collateral, with the simplistic dot pattern being instantly recognisable in a variety out outcomes.

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