Children Heard and SeenConceptual Brand Development(Charity)

Written by:
Anthony Hylton – Designer

Children Heard and Seen (CHS) approached us to reinvigorate their brand identity. Our response was to update and redesign their identity with a sense of excitement and confidence.
To retain any brand recognition CHS had, we decided to redraw their existing logo with a cleaner more fluid line, to give it a contemporary feel and enhance the negative space. To compliment the updated logo, we paired it with a bold and playful typeface that appeals to both its young and adult audience.
The charity offers support to children and young people whose lives have been affected by parental imprisonment. When looking into this we identified three distinct stages in a young person’s development: infancy, childhood and young adulthood. Each stage is represented by a different shape in our brand palette; the shapes work with content and imagery to form compositions with a sense of depth and direction.

"This is more than we could have dreamt of"

A set of icons was illustrated with the same use of fluid shapes and bold colours. These icons are specific to each of CHS’s core support structures.
When approaching photography, we decided to set the tone positively, to echo the same sense of excitement and confidence we have distilled elsewhere in the brand design. Rather than focus on the negative implications of parental imprisonment (of which there are many), we instead, look to ambitious, candid images of young people to highlight the altruistic impact of Children Heard and Seen.

Let's make something wonderful