Climate Change Activation: Visual Exploration

Written by:
Benjamin Gallagher – Creative Lead

Looking into the theme of climate change, an ever present issue in our society, we explored what the an alternative look for Professor Ed Hawkins Climate Stripes could look like. Using supporting information from The Met Office, we explored how they could be turned into a symbol that could be readily applied to items to continue to raise awareness and contributions toward climate action.

The main symbol uses the stripes as it’s base though repurposed to resemble a C as well as an abstract globe. The space created references this exact moment and the word ‘Change’ as a statement for exactly that.

Posters were conceived as part of the overall output. Using the symbol on one and re-imagining the stripes as a vertical timeline blended with a temperature gauge, using with the related data from each year as it would measure on a thermostat.

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