Gallagher's Deli & Kitchen Brand Identity

Created by:
Benjamin Gallagher – Creative Lead

I should preface this with making a point of saying I don’t moonlight as a deli owner. In fact this is my younger sibling’s business and naturally, I offered to help bring it to life in my free time (free, being the key word). When COVID first took hold my brother was due to start a Head Chef role at an up-scale restaurant, that didn’t work out due to pandemic panic, so he and his wife pooled together their shared hospitality sector experience and formed a business. Initially they started out delivering a restaurant quality set menu, of his making, door-to-door to their local area via Facebook. The success of that venture led to Gallagher’s Deli Kitchen.

The visual direction of the brand is based in part, off of the area in which the deli is located, a street with beautiful building facades from the 1800’s as well as traditional French and Italian bistro and deli’s stores from the 1920’s.

The identity mixes together that inspiration with strong typographic elements and use of blocky forms in order to stand out from the few artisanal shops and twee makers on the same street as well as set it apart from other business in the same sector.

This being a new business the budget for asset production was minimal, which also helped me steer the visuals, creating something visually engaging while enabling an easy roll-out.

Green is used sparingly in these early incarnations of the identity and as the brand grows  this will be be explored on a larger scale to diversify some of the additional products and ranges that are to be introduced.

Above: Examples of existing brand assets.

The ampersand is a key structure of the visual identity, the business is growing and with growth comes a range of new products and selling points. The ampersand acts as a device tie all of these elements together while having a human quality to it by emphasising exactly what’s on offer.


The deli is looking to open a second location in the coming months with a view to then potentially branching out to London. So if a trip to Staffordshire doesn’t seem local to you, who know’s, in 12 months it could be closer.

In Shoreditch, probably.

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