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Written by:
Mitch Hall – Designer, Bristol

As we approach almost a year of working from home (a whole year?!), the thought of having catchups in our workplace or with other creative pals seems long gone.

One thing that hasn’t died within the creative community is collaborative projects and that good spirit that comes with them. I feel there has been an influx of this stuff over the last year, with more creatives coming together to create great work.

It seems Fedrigoni has been at the forefront of creative collaboration lately. The third release of their 365 calendar book in 2020, which saw a collection of talented designers and artists create a stunning 365-page book showcasing all kinds of creative numbers for each day of the year, hosting multiple online seminars, along with their 19 artists vs COVID project.

"Inspiration really can come from anywhere."

19 Artists vs COVID was a collaboration project between Fedrigoni and Spanish graphic designer Álvaro López, which initially launched to raise funds for the NHS last May. The project sees 19 Artists creating 19 posters, each sold for 19 pounds. The project has recently had a reboot to sell the remaining posters, but the idea remains the same. From the type-based styles of Sarah Boris and Piero Di Biase to the more graphics-heavy of Alan Kitching and Rob Lowe, all share the same message and showcase our work as a creative community.

I like the beautifully placed type of Mario Eskenazi’s poster and the colourful chaos and bold line illustration of Rob Lowe. All are equally great pieces of work.

There’s one thing for sure, whilst times have been just a little strange lately, and even though we can’t have those collaborative conversations face to face, the creative community has pulled themselves together and created some stunning work. Inspiration really can come from anywhere.

Let's make something wonderful