HB Insights – Euro 2020 Brand Campaigns

"Euro 2020 capturing the imaginations of football fans up and down the country "

Written by:
Jake Rodger – Designer

With the delayed Euro 2020 capturing the imaginations of football fans up and down the country brands are using the world stage to come up with some great campaigns to enhance their presence. It is the perfect storm for marketeers after the year we have had and an opportunity not to miss.

The Migration Museum, EasyJet and Paddy Power and were among brands that responded quickly to England’s historic victory over Germany with tactical ads referring to the result.

They all use tactics that relate and synonymise with their brand, target market and previous collateral.

The Migration Museum used the 1-0 scoreline to bring the subject of immigration to the forefront. In the ad, by Wonderhood Studios, the score is levelled to 0-0 when all players with immigrant backgrounds are taken out of starting line-ups.

EasyJet’s “See Germany” ad, by VCCP, pokes fun at the team’s exit from the competition and Paddy Power, who are known for the outlandish marketing campaigns, use “South gate”, also by VCCP, uses the aesthetic of a green pictogram sign to show Germany the exit. The running man on the sign is dressed in a waistcoat, in what became the trademark style of England manager Gareth Southgate during the 2018 World Cup.

"Two masterclasses in reactive marketing, a clever concept"

All of the quick fire campaigns had to be reactive, engaging and relatable to current affairs and the world today. The Migration Museum in particular has an incredibly important undertone not just in the football but society as a whole. Where as, EasyJet have taken a comedic approach after what has been a terrible year for there industry with the hope this summer can become a turning point.

Finally, two masterclasses in reactive marketing, a clever concept put together for the Royal Mail articulates a football being sent home… I wonder what the hidden message is. And, IKEA joining in on the action with a creative image which feels exactly like a IKEA product photo and ad.

It’s these split second moments when even the biggest of brands utilise a national feeling to there benefit which demonstrates why design and marketing working together is so important.

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