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David Moloney (Copyright © Makingit21, 2021)

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Written by:
George Sexton – Creative Lead

Let’s be honest, having been a designer for what seems like quite some time now, I’ve grown to have a great affinity for type. Throw in animation and we’re on to a winner.

The MakingIt21 campaign for me celebrates everything that is great about the design world. The level of clarity in the messaging is beautiful, with the additional dynamism of the movement, really brings it to life.

What makes this campaign even more prevalent to me is the collaboration and messaging brought together by the 21 creatives really shows the feelings we’re all having right now.

These posters are really set to stand the test of time, they show such a level of clarity, that’s so easy to digest, it’s often very hard to take your eyes off them.

My own design style follows quite a simple mantra of “design with purpose”, be clear and show what you need to show, this does exactly that.

"Design with purpose"

The team behind this project are going to continue pushing forward with this for some time to come and I couldn’t ever see this getting boring.

The movement of the type, with the addition of the mascot created for the project really does add the friendly factor the team were after.

It’s safe to say they’re a sure fire winner for me.

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