LGBT+ History MonthEvent Campaign Branding

Written by:
Ben Murdoch – Senior Designer
Ed Kirwan – Senior Designer
Anthony Hylton – Designer

LGBT+ Pride History Month was in February, celebrating its 27th anniversary. To mark this occasion, we as a team, was tasked with creating a new brand identity for this; uplifting the traditional rainbow flag colours and envisaging the brand identity being used at a celebratory festival event.

We created a suite of icons that played on the existing rainbow motif and used a more vibrant modern colour palette combined with a fun leading type style that nods to the movements roots in the sixties.

These elements were then rolled out across imagined collateral you would likely see at a festival like deckchairs, badges, stickers, lanyards etc.

Looking at historical figures over the years involved in the LGBT+ movement we decided on Superbowl Sunday to focus our efforts on legendary NFL player Jerry Smith.

An NFL record setting Washington tight end who was selected twice to play in the Pro Bowl but was sadly never inducted into the NFL hall of fame.

Carrying the iconography and type style already established and applied it here to an imagined imagined a printed publication would work for the event, using a double page spread biography of the incredible Maya Angelou.

The look and feel of all of the publications and collateral was designed to be fun, uplifting and positive to really make a celebration of a fantastic awareness campaign.

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