Mental Health Awareness:Children's Mental Health Week

Written by:
George Sexton – Creative Lead
Kate Johnson – Account Director
Mike Westgate – Designer

A full wide-ranging visual style was created to encompass all Mental Health Awareness campaigns outward facing of Hamilton-Brown.

This visual language has a real human centric feeling to it, with a strong illustrative style and hand drawn lettering, to better show the human emotion behind the campaign. Often faces are obscured or hidden to better highlight this.

The main focus of the campaign is people and at Hamilton-brown we’re not only acknowledging that mental health is important, we’re talking about it.

"It's now time to start shining a spotlight on the importance of children and all young people’s mental health"

Trying to understand and get children to open up, expressing their feelings and translating how they feel into words is often difficult.

We find that allowing them to draw and explore their creativity often leads to insightful findings and is a welcome break from the mundane.

The creative thinking behind these visuals highlight that often children find it easier to draw how they’re feeling as opposed to expressing through words.

Let's make something wonderful