Mental Health Awareness:Zero Discrimination Day

Written by:
George Sexton – Creative Lead
Ben Gallagher – Creative Lead
Mike Westgate – Designer

Discrimination and inequalities are closely intertwined. Intersecting forms of discrimination, be it structural or social, against individuals and groups can lead to a wide range of inequalities.

Monday March 1st 2021 is Zero Discrimination Day. Below is a continuation of our series of Mental Health Awareness projects.

Our characters in this entry are vessels constructed out of dotted lines, this is in reference to inequality often being tied into peoples sense of identity. The characters represent everyone and no one. Everyone can be subject to discrimination, but fundamentally, no one should be.

In addition to that a stylised zero helps elevate the meaning behind this topic.

Ending inequality requires transformative change.

"Global inequality affects us all, no matter who we are or where we are from."

Let's make something wonderful