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Written by:
Shaun Hampsey – Designer; Bristol

I guess I should start with the back story of why candles and why now… Like most of the population during Covid we all picked up some kind of new skill or hobby. Mine along with my sisters just happened to be making candles.

Natureswick was born from a walk in the woods. Walking with my two twin sisters a certain smell reminded us of home (Ireland) so we thought why not try and design / produce great smelling candles which would remind people of special places and fond memories.

The idea behind the name ‘Natureswick’ was due to the fact that myself and the people closest to me love getting out and about and spending as much time as possible exploring nature, and as kids that’s all we did growing up in Ireland.

I wanted the logo to be minimal and clean, so I went with using a purely typographic approach, I didn’t feel the need to make something more than what it needed to be. However, if you look close at the dot on the I you will see I have changed it to represent a very simple flame. (Or so he says…)

With the overall arching theme of the brand, it is very minimal and paired back only a few colours are used and on the labels themselves it is just black and white. If I need to introduce further elements this can be done slowly which also means it wouldn’t look out of place old customers who maybe purchase other candles in the future.

"I wanted the logo to be minimal and clean"

"Natureswick was born from a walk in the woods"

Everything used from the cardboard packaging, amber glass jars and the labels can either be reused or recycled which is great because it has a low impact on the environment.

To go even further there is another section of Natureswick that only uses reclaimed or vintage tins which I purchase which people can buy filled with a candle scent of their choice.

If you want to check it out further take a look on the Instagram account @natures.wick which you can then go onto the store.

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