Project CakeInformation Memorandum

Written by:
Anthony Hylton – Designer

Collaboration and focus are the key themes of this design concept. Throughout the design process, opportunities for interaction and communication between elements have been explored to further examine the core themes.
Focus is explored through the use of highlights in both text and photography. In headlines and titles keywords are pulled out to draw attention to key messages. In photography, a graphic device in the form of a circle (a nod to the halftone treatment – more on this later) acts as a ’spotlight’ to focus on different individuals in the team.
In addition to the spotlight, images are treated with the halftone effect as it is collaborative by its nature; each dot working together to reveal a bigger picture.

"This is a quote"

The colour palette is deliberatively bright and playful to contrast the stark black and white halftone photography. As part of the design concept a bespoke set of icons was developed. Each icon includes an interaction between the main pictogram and a circle. The circle is layered in the same manner as with photography, to focus on or highlight a specific part of the pictogram to enhance its meaning.

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