Stay Safe, Stay SaneCOVID-19 Awareness Poster Campaign

Written by:
The Hamilton-Brown Creative Team

In a little less than a week, open poster platform Stay Sane, Stay Safe had built a rapid response to how designers can contribute to promoting positivity at this time. The HB creative team joined the campaign with open arms.

Stay Safe, Stay Sane (design studio, Lennarts and de Bruijn) explain there are three main goals of the project, first led by a simple mission to receive, create and share “uplifting and thankful messages to our care takers, lifesavers and hospitals”.

But within these messages of designed positivity are also direct instructions of how to navigate the pandemic situation we each need to respond to individually too: “To educate others to take this whole thing more seriously” adds the studio.

"To educate others to take this whole thing more seriously"

The final aim was to help the creative sector more specially, offering use of a platform where individuals can spread their work. “It’s a tough time for creatives also,” they continue, “this is a good way to build your portfolio – and make a difference in the meantime.”

We’d wanted our team to be as creative and free in their approach to the visual and editorial aspects of these posters as possible, this was a moment to let their talents shine.

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