URBNFD Festival 2021(Personal Branding Project)

Written by:
George Sexton – Creative Lead

OK, so let’s face it, as we approach nearly a year under lockdown conditions we are all pretty much ready to find that sense of normality again.

For me, a lot of normality came from social events and more importantly food. One thing I’ve missed a great deal was being able to attend a food festival, to sample, smell and be around so much culture.

So, to that end (and with somewhat a lot of free time on my hands) I decided to create a concept visual for what my own hypothetical food festival would look like.

The event itself would encapsulate multiple cuisines from all manner of cultures. With this in mind a simplistic graphic pattern was created to give a very top level thinking approach. Allowing for bold confident colours to pull the whole event together.

Taste your way around the stalls and see for yourself.

The simplicity of the hero visuals allow the brand to be easily applied across a vast range of campaign materials, way finding and allowing for an animated approach.

"There’s something to tickle everyone’s taste buds."


With the visuals having strong durability, a simple change of colour can give a completely different feeling and bring on a high-end look when simplified to using only black and white.

This showcases the scale the event is capable of having and could draw larger interest.

On a digital platform the creative flows through seamlessly, with a simple use of typography and subtle use of the pattern.

Basic animation would also add a nice level of depth without being too overbearing.


Gaining a consistent level of photography for the event would be difficult at best. With features liable to change at a moments notice, a concise illustrative language allows the event to expand (or decrease) with ease.

Merchandise is easily recognisable and has longevity as something that would be kept and used again.

Let’s hope we can go about celebrating all we love about food, drink and culture in the city again one day very soon.

Large scale projections can be used across the larger venues to really bring the visual assets to life.

Animation created by: Sergey Kim-Oates

Let's make something wonderful